A classic summer staple – a black swimsuit. It's versatile, not a trend item so it doesn't go 'old' and it can be styled as a beach item as well as a casual day-time piece too. My all time favourite swimsuit is one I purchased this summer, Weekday's Atlantic Swimsuit, which retails only at £20! I'd recommend sizing down since it does give way as you wear it! 

Saturday, 19 August 2017 Old Havana, Cuba


Brunch at El Cafe in Havana, Cuba : fluffy pancakes with fresh fruit and honey, served with iced coffees, fresh juice and espressos.

El Cafe, a five minute walk from Plaza Vieja in Old Havana, was reminiscent to a hipster cafe in Shoreditch. Despite occupying a small space, the cafe had so much character - the floor tiles were patterned, ones which reminded me of Vietnam, but it complimented the tables and odd, mismatched chairs of the cafe, with a chalkboard menu and books and little mementos scattered across their shelves behind the bar.

Open 10am till 6pm, they served big plates of food and fresh drinks - coffee, juices, lemonade too! They give the option of customising your juice, I opted for beetroot and carrot, which was (expectedly) earthy. We all ended up ordering their pancakes after seeing someone's plate. The pancakes were unbelievably fluffy, and delicious with the sweetness of the fresh fruit of the pineapples and mangos, with a drizzle of honey for the extra sweetness. 

If you're in Havana, looking for some similarity, (feeling slightly homesick maybe?) delicious food, and a place for good conversation, I'd recommend visiting El Cafe.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 #358 La Amargura, Cuba

El Cafe


A few shots from the streets of Havana..

Havana was the perfect location to take outfit photos since there were painted colourful walls splattered across the city. This was located in the centre of Habana Vieja, the old part of the city. 

A classic boyfriend style shirt is the ultimate piece for any summer getaway, since it keeps you cool, covers up your skin so you don't get sun damage and pairs well with any bottom. It's such a versatile item - over your swimsuit, a pair of trousers to create a more evening look, or more casually, in the daytime. 

So I paired my favourite white shirt by H&M with these denim cut-offs from Topshop to create a casual and effortless look. I've been loving these denim cut-offs since they're not too short nor too distressed which is so hard to find! 

Friday, 11 August 2017 Old Havana, Cuba

The Boyfriend Shirt


I love these culottes shorts in the summer. I purchased these two years ago now (!!!) during my gap year in Vietnam, and I still bring it out every summer to wear. It's such a versatile piece – you can basically pair them with anything – making them an ideal piece to have in your holiday suitcase. 

It's so easy to style these culottes. Today, I've gone for something really basic and simple – pairing it with a classic red striped tee from Zara and again, and a summer cult classic – a pair of comfy black Birkinstocks. (However, the tan lines are not forgiving at all!!) I love wearing stripes, especially in the summer, since it adds that pop of colour that I would typically not wear. 

Photography by Josh Theobald

Monday, 7 August 2017 Santa Clara, Cuba

Palm Leaves

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