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Bone Daddies


I am totally late to the Bone Daddies food scene. I've had my fair share of ramen bowls, and Bone Daddies, by far is the best one yet. I can't fault the ramen - the broth of hearty and flavourful; the meat was tender and full of flavour, and the egg = egg porn = with the yolk still in tact to coat your noodles as your slurp your bowl up. In comparison to the other ramen bowls on offer, tonkatsu is my favourite. The fried chicken was nothing too special, it was crispy but lacked the 'it' factor.

If ramen isn't your thing, I would recommend the sweet pig bones with sweet chilli, soy and sesame with a side of noodles. Mix them together, and its heaven oozing in your mouth. Trust me, (as I did the girl next to me, I thank you), your taste buds will be satisfied and you'll thank me later. 

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  1. I've actually never had a chance to go to bone daddies - purely because there's always a queue! Their ramen does look delicious and hearty! Great post hun xx

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs


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