Saturday, 30 April 2016 Venice, Italy

Travel Diary: Venice, Italy

In December 2014, my boyfriend and I traveled to Venice, Italy for a winter break. 

Venice is a really unique place to visit because essentially, it's a sinking city.. We visited in December to avoid the extremely high levels of tourism, and we were definitely successful. Venice was quite, beautiful and gloomy. 

Despite not being entirely, 'wowed' by Venice, I still have several highlights I want to share with you in case any of you are making the trip out there:
Take a taxi-boat to the colour and beautiful island, Burano 
Our favourite dining spot in Burano was Al Gatto Nero Da Ruggero - order the tagliolini with spider-crab.
Visit Doge's Palace - you'll be in awe by the Golden Staircase.
Just walk, get lost, admire it all. 
Eat copious amounts of gelato - regardless of the weather, time or day. 
I recommend Handay, located at Rio TerĂ  S. Leonardo, 1382, Venice.
Drink coffee by the water and people watch. It's hilarious watching people get in and out of gondolas.
A gondola ride is not worth it - over-rated and over-priced.


  1. Beautiful photos =)

    I went during July a couple years a go and it was lovely - not sure whether it was because of the weather, but Venice was stunning! I agree, getting gelato is a must and just simply walking and getting lost is what Venice is all about.

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs

  2. Love the photos, especially those with the gondolas. Venice is such a unique city. Please share more of your travelling stories. I'm having exams soon as well and your blog really helps brighten my day :D


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