Located in Mayfair is a taste of Pacific Rim cuisine, in a low-lit, atmospheric restaurant. Infamous for serving fresh bowls of Hawaiian marinated raw fresh fish – poké bowls - and other fresh seafood options.

During lunch hours, they offer the Pacific Rim Lunch Plate, at £23.50 per person, which I opted for since I wanted to be able to try a variety of what they had to offer. 

I ordered their classic ahi poke bowl for my first entree and it was amazing. The fish was fresh, marinated well and flavourful in comparison to other poke bowls I've had.
After, there was a platter of lobster pot stickers, ahi tataki, steamed rice and veggies, bbq chicken, and cajun style blackened seabass. Again, everything was tasteful, seasoned well; the only dish I didn't like was the bbq chicken, dry and under-seasoned. 
And for dessert, I chose their chocolate cake and ice-cream which was some wholesome, the cake was gooey and warm, so the vanilla ice-cream complimented it well.
Ultimately, the poke bowl was the star of the show, and the other dishes were okay, but not amazing as.  

Considering the quality of the fish and their other dishes – it is great value for money, so I would highly recommend booking a reservation and trying a poke bowl out yourself. 

Black Roe,
4 Mill Street,
London, W1S 2AX


Tuesday, 31 January 2017 4 Mill St, Mayfair, London, W1S 2AX

Black Roe


For the colder and harsher London temperatures, my go-to university outfit is layering  knitted jumpers over my cosy tee from North Polar Bearand throwing on an oversized scarf and coat to complete the look. An Acne Studios wool scarf is the ultimate item in my winter wardrobe, unbelievably cosy and warm and holds up really well in the London rain.

Uni-form is my new blog series showcasing my daily university outfits. 

Photography by Josh Theobald

Thursday, 26 January 2017 London, UK


A city break guide to Prague in the winter time.

We stayed at a boutique hotel called Golden Key, located in Prague 1. It's a 13th-century hotel building in a former locksmith's workshop but the rooms were modern, spacious yet cosy. The location of the hotel was perfect, walking distance to the Prazsky Castle (10 minutes) and the iconic Charles Bridge (15 minutes) and other touristy attractions. And for any ventures outside of Prague 1, the transit system was nearby too and easy to use. (Use the discount code FRIENDS for 10% off) 

Where you stay and where you want to go will depend on whether or not you'll need to purchase a ticket for public transport. The prices are really cheap and friendly and they do offer a variety of tickets based on time, 60 mins, 90 mins, 24 hours, and 3 days. And like other European public transport system, it is so easy to use. We decided against purchasing a transport and decided to walk around, just remember to wrap up warm – my mittens are from North Polar Bear

For breakfast or brunch, head on over to Cafe Savoy, located in the Little Quarter. It has gorgeous interiors, which includes a listed neo-renaissance ceiling which dates back to the 1890s. It's regarded as one of the best places to eat breakfast by the locals, since it serves an array of different dishes and has its own bakery, which offers fresh confectionery and baked goods daily. Order the french toast cooked in butter with fresh fruits and maple syrup with a freshly brewed pot of black tea, I'd recommend either the French breakfast or the Ruschka. Finish it off with a selection of their freshly baked in-house cakes. 4/5

For a spot of coffee and a snack, head to EMA Espresso Bar, loved by the foodies of Prague. They serve amazing coffee in such a minimal and Shoreditch-sque spot. 5/5

For lunch, if you fancy something different and want to experience more of the Czech food culture, dine in a Vietnamese restaurant. The Vietnamese community makes up for largest ethnic minority in the country. For something in the centre of Prague, head over to Remember, a family-run restaurant serving cheap yet hearty delicious Vietnamese dishes. 3/5

If you're up for some exploring and venturing outside the centre, make a stop to Czech's 'Little Hanoi'. There is not much there, it's a huge industrial park with supermarket stores and just a place to buy junk and bulk items. But there, lies a gem, called Phuong Phuong, which sells in a northern Vietnamese specialty, banh cuon. 4/5

Go on over to Krcma, a tavern serving traditional Czech dishes, located in the Old Town near the street which is lit up by all the designer stores. It was so busy, filled with tourists and lots of locals, but we managed to grab the last table of the evening. We ordered the beef goulash and the roasted duck with dumplings, and a side of mash potatoes. The portions were huge and so delicious. Highly recommended. 5/5

And finally, if you're visiting during the Christmas period, have a stroll to the two main Christmas Markets located at Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, both walking distance from each other. Grab a cup of mulled wine, some delicious over priced cured ham, and the Czech traditional pastry, trdelík, a fully circular pastry which has the option of fruit, cream or icecream fillings. 5/5

Sunday, 8 January 2017 Prague, Czechia

City Break Guide: Prague

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