Tuesday, 31 January 2017 4 Mill St, Mayfair, London, W1S 2AX

Black Roe

Located in Mayfair is a taste of Pacific Rim cuisine, in a low-lit, atmospheric restaurant. Infamous for serving fresh bowls of Hawaiian marinated raw fresh fish – pok√© bowls - and other fresh seafood options.

During lunch hours, they offer the Pacific Rim Lunch Plate, at £23.50 per person, which I opted for since I wanted to be able to try a variety of what they had to offer. 

I ordered their classic ahi poke bowl for my first entree and it was amazing. The fish was fresh, marinated well and flavourful in comparison to other poke bowls I've had.
After, there was a platter of lobster pot stickers, ahi tataki, steamed rice and veggies, bbq chicken, and cajun style blackened seabass. Again, everything was tasteful, seasoned well; the only dish I didn't like was the bbq chicken, dry and under-seasoned. 
And for dessert, I chose their chocolate cake and ice-cream which was some wholesome, the cake was gooey and warm, so the vanilla ice-cream complimented it well.
Ultimately, the poke bowl was the star of the show, and the other dishes were okay, but not amazing as.  

Considering the quality of the fish and their other dishes – it is great value for money, so I would highly recommend booking a reservation and trying a poke bowl out yourself. 

Black Roe,
4 Mill Street,
London, W1S 2AX


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