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Tucked away near Farringdon station, resides Sosharu - a hidden gem of London. Atherton has opened up an array of restaurants scattered all across London the past few years and after my visits to Sosharu, I definitely intend to visit the rest. 

The food, atmosphere and staff at Sosharu were amazing. It was minimal, clean but had character, reminiscent to Japanese interiors which is appropriate. It ranks as my favourite Japanese restaurant. 

The a la carte menu changes, so hopefully any recommendations I make here are still on the menu. First, my favourite and best dish - their cold soba. The cold soba is traditionally plated on a bamboo tray with ice cubes, served with vegetable tempura, a dipping sauce and other condiments - everything compliments each other. Initially I was sceptical but I've only come back to order it again.

Next favourite is their tempura, perhaps the best tempura I've tried. It was crispy, not soggy or oily. Both the vegetables and tempura batter was seasoned, not leaving any bite bland. Another favourite was their seaweed/octopus salad, it's hard to explain, but I'll leave your mouth wanting more. 

Other dishes we ordered were their seafood clay rice-pot which is filled with seafood and extremely flavourful. But I do believe they have removed it from their menu and now only serve the chicken yakitori option. Their chashu pork belly ramen.. was average, nothing too special, but it was beautifully presented.

Save room for dessert and skip the temptation of ordering their matcha mille crepe and order their take of bingsu/shaved ice. Yes, it sounds pretty ridiculous to order shaved ice but the sauce, the strawberries, just everything put together tastes amazing. You will not regret it. It's definitely a treat. 

Sosharu is definitely one worth trying, especially their cold soba and shaved ice - the perfect combination of dishes, especially in the summer (and well, always) I'll definitely be back especially because they're recently added an Afternoon Tea menu, their take on the British classic of afternoon tea, giving you the opportunity to sample their cake  and tea selection along with a few savoury options also.

I thank my cousin for introducing me to Sosharu, and hope you guys will also give it a try and be wow-ed. 

Rating 5/5

64 Turnmill Street,
London, EC1M 5RR

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