Spring in the U.K is always so unexpected because of how bipolar the weather can be. So, for me, this is the perfect spring outfit. I paired my favourite jeans from Weekday (currently on sale!) with my recently purchased jumper from Urban Outfitters. It's perfect for days when you're slightly unsure if the weather will be on your side (which is basically always in London). For me, this is the perfect jumper, its knitted yet thin and breathable, making it a great transitional piece for both autumn and spring weather; the colour is complimentary all year round too, and it has a cosy relaxed fit to it – definitely a must have piece for your wardrobe. 

Photography by Josh Theobald

Sunday, 23 April 2017 London, UK



Whilst you're in Copenhagen, grab your cosy warm jumper, put on your comfy kicks, grab a coffee, and take a walk across the harbour, with the pastel coloured houses sitting by. 

During my visit, I purchased this Acne Studios alpaca jumper, which for me is the epitome of cosiness. Although it is on the more expensive side, it's definitely an investment piece for me since I live in jumpers throughout the year since I am perpetually cold even during the spring season.

Styling the mom jean: you either love or hate them, and honestly, I wasn't the hugest fan initially but the Monki Kimomo Mom Jeans has made me a mom-jean convert. They are the perfect pair of jeans, the fit is great and hugs your bum (still giving you a figure rather than looking like a blob) Personally, I think they're like the skinny jean, very versatile and can be styled with either a shirt, t-shirt or jumper, but preferably on the more over-sized side. 

We walked past this street several times, the pastel houses immediately drew to me, reminding me of Notting Hill in London. The grey jumper and the pastel coloured homes compliment each other - together, they embody the transition from winter to spring. I'm definitely getting the holiday blues as I write up this post since I've been revising for my exams since I came back. Hope you're all well and if you're revising too, good luck on your exams! 

For more details on what I got up to in Copenhagen, check out my travel diary/city guide HERE.

Photography by Josh Theobald

Saturday, 15 April 2017 1051 København K, Denmark


We snagged a good deal at the Copenhagen Island Hotel. lt's located near a train station, which is only a stop away from the Central Station and a half hour walk to the City Centre. It wasn't the best of hotels, definitely more accommodating for people on business, but it is pet-friendly! But the staff were friendly, the room was spacious and we had a view of the harbour which was lovely in the mornings. My other hotel recommendation is Hotel SP34, a trendy boutique hotel. Be ready to be infatuated by their Danish interiors and their rooftop terrace which has a view of the city. 

When in Copenhagen, it is only right to drink coffee and eat copious amounts of pastries right? (Well, that's what I told myself.) In the morning, take a stroll towards 108's The Corner for their coffee and their in-house Danish pastries, using only seasonal ingredients, their selection is always accommodating to what is fresh and best. If you're not near-by, there is an abundance of Ole and Steen branches dotted across the city, head in for a latte and their infamous and cinnamon buns. (And if you're not planning to head to Copenhagen anytime soon, head to their London branch in Piccadilly Circus!) 

The coffee culture is real. Recommendations? Coffee Collective Cafe is home to the young and stylish; using fresh beans to create their perfect cups of coffee. Another popular cafe located in the city centre is Atelier September, pretty interiors and the perfect spot for people-watching. 

For lunch, pay a worthy visit to Andersen Bakery. My friend Sarah recommended I try this spot, and I'm so glad I did. A Japanese chef by the name, Shunsuke Takati, was infatuated by Danish baking and opened up this bakery; serving up traditional Danish pastries which are heavenly, and pastries with Japanese influence – matchabolle for example. In addition to being a bakery, it also serves up gourmet hot dogs, which are house-made, in a delicious brioche-bread. We opted for the Spicylicious and the Beef hot dogs – a definite must when you visit. 

A must-try in Denmark is their smørrebrød. The famous Danish open sandwiches which consists of buttered slices of rye bread with a variety of toppings/accompaniments. We visited two spots, both as good as each other. Fleisch is located in Copenhagen's Meatpacking District serves smørrebrød for their afternoon menu. As soon as you sit, you'll immediately start to feel cosy, or what the Danes would call hygge, with their wooden chairs, propped up with furry blankets and candles on each dining table. If a table at Fleisch isn't possible, since it is located in the Meatpacking District, you will be surrounded by other restaurants – opt for Paté Paté next door.

The other was Kronborg Restaurant, in comparison to Fleisch, its aesthetic is more traditional and homey, oozing a more old-school vibe. If the weather permits, take a seat outside and enjoy the sun as you chow down on delicious open sandwiches. We opted for the pickled red herring (a must!), the paté and the Danish meatballs. All were absolutely delicious, but my favourites was the red herring dish. 

For dinner, head over to Restaurant Honey, located close by to Nyhavn. The concept of the restaurant is Asian-style of dining, sharing dishes together as a table, which creates a friendly and social atmosphere on the dining floor. Choose a main course, from lamb, pork to fish, which is then accompanied by their daily garnishes which changes according to seasonal ingredients and what the chef prefers. For our dinner, we were served gnocchi in brown butter, baked celeriac with truffle butter and chives, fried apples with cottage cheese and tarragon, and a salad. Even if you don't have space in your stomach for dessert – make space! Their soft-serve ice cream topped with in-house toppings was the perfect way to end the meal. A self-serve service enabling you to choose your choice of ice-cream and toppings (and it's unlimited!) Honey was definitely my favourite dining spot during my visit. 

108 is the sister restaurant of the best restaurant in the world (in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014), NOMA. Although it would have been quite an experience, NOMA was far to expensive, upwards of £300 per person. Both restaurants are known for their reinvention and interpretation of the Nordic cuisine, using only seasonal, fresh produce and famous for their fermentation kitchen which they share together. Hence we opted for 108, a cheaper alternative to experience New Nordic Cuisine. We discovered 108 through watching MUNCHIES video, and we were in awe with the way the head chef, Kristian Baumann, spoke about the food and its process. However, we left.. disappointed, not because the food wasn't good, but it was average. I didn't leave feeling "this was a great meal, I'd go again." For reference, we ordered cured squid, raw norwegian scallops, braised ox tail and beef short ribs.  My favourite dish there was the scallops because of how fresh and delicate the dish was and its execution. But the other dishes were again, average and nothing too special. Nonetheless, one day, I would love the opportunity to dine at NOMA, they are currently closed, but what they have in the works sounds amazing – watch their video here.

If you're feeling something different, I recommend heading towards Copenhagen's Street Food Market which is behind NOMA and 108 in Christiania. Open from 12pm till 8pm, it's an optimal place to grab lunch or dinner. Similar to Shoreditch's Dinerama, there are a variety of different cuisines for 50DKK and upwards, in addition to alcohol too. If the weather permits, sit outside in the sun and bask in the weather with a cocktail in one hand and food in the other by the water front. Otherwise, there is indoor seating to accommodate for any rainy/cold weather. I highly recommend trying the fish and chips and the duck and chips located on the left hand side of the market upon entering. 

For sweet treats, a foodie's spot in Copenhagen is Gelato Rajissimo which serves up delicious gelato and the famous waffle stick with melted chocolate and sprinkles! A perfect treat whilst you're walking along Nyhavn. Another choice is Osterberg Icecream located in Osterbro, selling delicious ice cream with unique flavours like jackfruit and durian! A definite must-do in Copenhagen.  

Denmark is famous for its fashion, interior design and it being the happiest place in the world. So firstly, shopping is must. Fashion recommendations include: Playtype, Acne Studios, Weekday and Norse Store Women. If you're into stores similar to Dover Street Market, Storm is a must-do. To shop Danish interiors, try out Frama, Dansk Made for Room, which sells a selection of designers famous for their homeware and design; and a beautiful ceramics store called Keramik and Glasvaerkstedet.
Visit the Botanical Gardens inside the University of Copenhagen, its absolutely beautiful. Whilst you're there,pay a visit to Rundetaarn, attached to the University's Library, it provides a lovely view of the city. 

Photography by myself and Josh Theobald

Tuesday, 11 April 2017 Copenhagen, Denmark

City Break Guide: Copenhagen, Denmark


I'm always attached to my laptop, either writing essays or reading through articles related to international political theory, public policy, international organisations or power and politics; and if it isn't university related, I'm editing photos and writing up blog posts. #lifeofastudentblogger. You'll find me in a coffee shop in London, glued to my laptop. 

My outfit was inspired by the glimpse of spring we've been getting here in London (which of course, is followed by rain or wind the next day but get it whilst ya can)  I'd wear this outfit to uni or to a coffee shop on the weekend to get some work done.  Casual, comfy and cosy.

Photography by Joshua Theobald

Friday, 7 April 2017 London, UK

The Grind


After eighty-something pages of the ASOS SALE.. these are my top ten picks - filled with a few of my key essential wardrobe pieces and some spring/summer clothing bits too. And best part, they are all on sale and I've provided links to them all! (click the bold text) 

Treat yo self – for any reason! Mine? Revision and exams sucks. 

I managed to pick up a few of the items here and a little bit more.. What did you pick up from the ASOS SALE?

Monday, 3 April 2017

ASOS Sale Picks

A Berlin city break guide, on  where to stay, eat and do  on a short stay based on my visit back in the summer of 2016. 

We stayed at Sana Berlin Hotel, in the Charlottenburg area. We booked via since we're able to use our student discount code (10% off!) Our room was spacious, clean and modern; and staff was friendly and helpful. My only complaint would be their wi-fi signal was terrible as we were only able to access the internet from the lobby. Another benefit is the hotel is located near two train stations, making the commute around Berlin easier. 

Public transport is the way to make your way around the city. So, definitely purchase a train pass for the duration you're there. It will get you everywhere. If you're familiar with London's tube map, then navigating your way around Berlin will be a breeze. If you've never used Citymapper, I highly recommend you download it prior to arriving, it'll plan journeys and make traveling around the city even easier. 

For breakfast or brunch, head over to Distrikt Coffee in Mitte, the most Instagram worthy and aesthetically pleasing coffee shop. Treat yourself and order their buttermilk pancakes with berry compote and basil, and prepare to be amazed. If your taste buds are favouring a more savory dish, I would recommend the avocado toast with beets and radish. (5/5) From here, you can make your way to the remnants of the Berlin Wall. 

If you are not in the Mitte area, go to Silo Coffee in Friedrichshain, an Austrailian coffee shop serving up brunch. We ordered 'The Silo' which consisted of pancakes, bacon and poached eggs and their shakshuka dish; with a cappuccino and an iced latte. It made for a pricey brunch, at €30 between the two of us (3/5)

For a pick me up, go to Zeit fur Brot in also located in Mitte, who are rightly ranked as the top coffee shop on Tripadvisor. Grab a cappuccino, along with their freshly baked in house, buttery croissants and cinnamon buns. (5/5)

A savory snack option would be to go to Gel Gor Inegol Kofteci in Kreuzberg, and munch on a their infamous köfte sandwiches. The ultimate cheap eat – good quality, delicious and cheap. (4/5)

For lunch, I would recommend Gasthaus Kromach in Charlottenburg. Here, you'll find a friendly and cosy atmosphere where they serve up large portions of traditional German food. We ordered their pork schnitzel and bratwurst sausage. Epic food, good prices, and too much that I had to bring a takeaway bag home. (4/5) Burn off the calories and make your way to the shopping street called Kurfürstendamm, and shop till you drop! 

For dinner – make your way to Henne in Kreuzberg; home to the best fried chicken you'll ever have. Filled will local diners, you know this is the place to be at. The menu is simple, fried chicken with side options of slaw and potato salad. (5/5) I highly recommend you make time to make a trip here for dinner.  Reservations are a must, so remember to book in advance. 

Saturday, 1 April 2017 Berlin, Germany

City Break Guide: Berlin, Germany

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