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Palm Vaults

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After a long month of early mornings and late nights in the library, in preparation for exams; last weekend, my friend, Tasnima and I, decided to have Sunday brunch at the most Instagram-ed place – Palm Vaultslocated in East London, Hackney. 

The cafe was decked out with marble tables, mismatched chairs, pretty tableware, golden cutlery, colourful lattes, macrame hanging plants – screaming all things millennial. It's hard to not agree that it was an aesthetically pleasing cafe, and definitely worth the visit purely to take a few shots for the 'gram. 

Our brunch consisted of their goat's cheese, figs and candied walnuts open toast (£7.50) and the dragon-fruit smoothie bowl (£6.50) alongside with their matcha and golden turmeric lattes. (£3.50)

The food was surprisingly good, I always tend to not expect much from Instagrammable places since a lot of the time, it's shit because they know they will be greeted with customers nonetheless due to the hype. Our favourite was definitely the goat's cheese open toast, and the smoothie bowl was okay, but it resembled more of a fruit sorbet. 'Smoothie bowls' usually consist of toppings of granola, chia seeds, linseeds and other 'healthy' stuff, but here it was required for you to pay extra for toppings (which I wasn't a huge fan of, or maybe its just me?) 

Although pretty in pictures, I wouldn't recommend their matcha latte, not consistently mixed and just milky as a result. Baristas making matcha lattes need to take note from WA cafe, and use a ceremonial whisk so the customer isn't greeted with lumps of matcha powder at the bottom. I've rarely had a good experience with matcha lattes in independent cafes, so for the ultimate experience, I would highly recommend visiting WA cafe; or use this recipe at home: Bryony, my former boss, made this for me all the time when I was working with her!

I wouldn't suggest walking in, in hopes for a table since they're always fully booked. So book a table here at Opentable.

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  1. Oh my god no I'm exactly like you, I hate when you buy smoothie bowls or acai bowls and people say to pay extra for toppings! It's so annoying! I do think this place still looks pretty darn good though, that toast looks so tasty!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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